Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing recognizes the interrelationship between the environment and manufacturing and meets consumer demand for products without compromising the resource and energy supply of future generations.

The Value We Add To Your Company

Design with Nature, LLC will show you how this new view yields improved quality and productivity, savings in materials cost, reductions in regulatory liability and new markets for new products.

We make this easy by walking you through the process starting with three core areas: profit, waste & risk.


We estimate over 3,000,000 hours per year are spent creating Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR) and carbon footprints in the United States.

Yet, 75% of companies do NOT know if it is increasing business value! Never mind make a profit – yes that’s right – A PROFIT – for their companies.

We believe the concepts of Sustainable Manufacturing drive innovation and efficiency, and need to be an integral part of any CSR so the report can be a useful tool for ALL companies – Not just those with large PR budgets.

Questions for you…
  • What’s your process energy base-load?
  • What metrics are you using?
  • Are you the “green” innovator within your industry sector?
  • Is your Supply Chain helping to reduce your Carbon Footprint?

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We teach you how to see the wastes that are traditionally overlooked by Lean, Six Sigma, and Business Process Excellence programs. This method also ensures sustainability penetrates to each layer of the organization, and eliminates the need for additional “teams” and committee meetings.

Questions for you…
  • Has your Lean program topped-out, leveled off or otherwise matured?
  • Do your current metrics for production translate up to the C-suite and over to Customer Care?
  • How successful has Lean outreach to your supply chain been?
  • What advantage have you extracted from the exploding “green” market?


Recent events in throughout North America show an increase in frequency and magnitude of weather-related, life-interruptions.

We help our clients manage Climate risk, maintain viable industrial and commercial enterprises, and identify and verify Greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Questions for you…
  • What is your exposure to Climate-related risk?
  • What is your plan to harden your value chain & plant operations?
  • Do you have “black-start” and “micro-grid” capability?
  • How much does it cost in gross revenue when production is down?

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See if we know our stuff: Watch and share our free technical videos