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Sustainable Manufacturing – Design with Nature

Project Summaries

Sustainable Manufacturing Project Summaries

Samples of what you can expect by working with us.

Our average Return on Investment is 300%, meaning, on average, we save our clients three times as much as our services cost.

We increase your competitive advantage. Period.


Beverage Manufacturer (800,000 sq.ft.) Middleboro, MA
  • Designed process modifications for 20% reduction in sodium hypochlorite in vessel cleaning operations and reduce wash-water volume.
  • Follow-on downstream reductions in wastewater treatment chemicals for 2.1million gallons-per-day flow.
Photographic Film Coating Plant (150,000 sq.ft.) Waltham, MA
  • Process optimization for film coating and drying production lines.
  • 25% reduction in coating waste, and energy input & a case study for State and corporate officials.
Leather Tannery (180,000 sq.ft.) Lynn, MA
  • Process modification for tanning, curing and shaping of cow hides for leather coats.
  • 40% reduction in wastewater, 25% reduction in hazardous waste and 10% energy use savings.
Injection molder, (110,000 sq.ft.) Stratford, CT
  • REACH and RoHs impact analysis for their European Union product lines.
  • Implemented data collection and metric system for materials through-put and waste flows.


Global Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems, Crystal Lake, IL
  • Developed framework and program base for sustainability efforts of this $2 billion company to meet green demands of manufacturing customers.
  • Advised and formed cGMP procedures for compressed air, ventilation and other energy consuming devices that pose contamination threat to product.
  • Selection of green cleaning products and lubricants, and verification of product claims prior to use.


State University Hospital, Farmington, CT
  • Conducted trainings and awareness building programs for staff, administrators and medical students on benefits of being “green.”
  • Led team in forming plan for reviewing purchasing and cleaning policies. Trained facilities staff and managers on plant energy savings and auditing for energy savings.


13 companies, various locations in CT
  • Delivery of trainings to aerospace, medical equipment and electronics manufacturers focused upon integration of Lean and green principles.
  • All facilities found process and flow optimization projects which yielded significant energy and/or environmental benefits.


14 Electroplating Companies (Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island)
  • Audits for 14 separate electroplating companies (6,000 sq.ft. – 80,000 sq.ft.)
  • 10 – 80% reduction in rinsewaters / wastewater generation.
  • Designed closed-loop processes for recycling plating, acid etch and other chemical baths.
  • Process lines included: Hexavalent Chromium, Zinc, Yellow, Blue and Clear Chromate, Zinc
  • Phosphatizing, Electroless Nickel, Nickel, Cadmium, Silver, Rhodium, Gold and Platinum.
Dollar Bill Paper Manufacturing (300,000 sq.ft.) Dalton, MA
  • Identified 5% reduction potential in process water use on 135 million gallon-per-day process flow.
  • Screen cleaning process modifications resulted in $40,000/year labor savings.


Periodical and Newspaper Printer (120,000 sq.ft.) Worcester, MA
  • Developed Zero Discharge System, with financial analysis.
  • Reduced hazardous waste costs by 66%
  • Implemented water-based and soy-based inks for conversion of current solvent system.
End Destination Resort (350,000 sq.ft.) private, CT
  • Reduced solid waste stream by 60% through “dumpster dive.”
  • $50,000 /year saved through composting at cafeteria.
Health & Beauty Packaging (150,000 sq.ft.) Lincolnton, NC
  • New facility designed for zero waste to landfill.
  • Sourcing recycling markets for 9 “waste” streams
  • Water, electricity and fuel oil conserving technologies beyond building code.
17 Chamber of Commerce Members, Bristol, CT
  • 17 waste audits & “dumpster dives” for local businesses.
  • 10 – 35% reduction in waste & increase in green purchasing.


Consumer Goods Containers (9 sites) Mukwonago, IL
  • WBCSD protocols used for enterprise-wide baseline emissions.
  • Eliminated need for new 200 hp air compressor.
  • De-lamping analysis to reduce glare and increase productivity.
  • Energy savings identified in changing injection mold heaters to induction heaters.


Casino, Uncasville, CT
  • Created policies, goals and methods for all environmental risks on sovereign lands.
  • Tracking program for data on waste generation, employee training and other markers developed.
  • 3,000,000 pounds of food wastes diverted the local landfill.
National Pollution Prevention Initiative, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • U.S. Agency for International Development industry-led pollution prevention programs.
  • Conducted training and site assessments, created Best Management Practices for pollution prevention.
Electric Utility (750,000 sq.ft.) Milan, Italy
  • Reviewed Italy’s largest electric utility for accounting of environmental costs.
  • Trained consultants, utility engineers and management on Total Cost Assessment.
  • Identified pilot projects to for program roll-out.
Beverage Company (800,000 sq.ft.) Lakeville, MA
  • Adoption of Sustainable Manufacturing practices with corporate officers.
  • Life cycle analysis of chemical versus electrical biocide.
  • Pilot study & testing confirmed financial and aquatic benefits for process cooling waters.


Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, (12,000 sq.ft.) Tempe, AZ
  • Designed program for all operations pertaining to purchasing of all supplies and materials for out-patient clinic.
  • Developed cleaning and maintenance procedures for use with “green” cleaning supplies.
  • Educated staff, administrators, and maintenance contractors on importance, implementation and review of cleaning process.

Sustainable Manufacturing Case Studies