Training Services

We develop your internal capabilities and transfer the institutional knowledge your organization has to the newer employees of your firm. This increases self-reliance and grows the understanding of how energy, sustainability and process improvement keep your IP intact, your shop running, and open new markets to your team.

Our unique offerings:
  • We customize to your team size, level of experience, and their ability to step away from the production / daily operations.
  • We train people on 2nd & 3rd shifts
  • We can bring the training to the floor if you are still too busy.
  • We can train-the-trainer, or come back and refresh as needed.
Subjects we provide knowledge about:
  • Process Optimization & Control
  • Training Within Industry (TWI)
  • Sustainability Programs (Developing new, improving existing)
  • Energy Kaizens
  • Lean Kaizens
  • Strategic Energy Management

Case Study: DwN helped a national aerospace company bring its fleet of Continuous Improvement engineers quickly up to speed on the value-add inherent in learning both Lean metrics and Energy metrics. Using rotating training schedules we were able to provide 36 hours of training to 72 employees on 3-shifts in in 3 weeks.

Energy Management & Continuous Improvement

1-Day Energy Training Agenda

Program Goal: Build basic level of awareness of how energy is used within facility, where it is wasted, and how it can be conserved. Show the connection with different process improvement programs and set direction for future improvements. End results include efficiency opportunities backed by hard data, entry-level knowledge for personal & professional use, and a nascent framework for facility energy management.

The Day’s Agenda (8 Hour Version)

8:00 am – Start
  • Mining utility bills for information
    • Residential
    • Commercial / Industrial
  • Building a synergistic vocabulary w/ Continuous Improvement
  • Learning to “see” energy & its functions
  • Goal setting & project set-up
10:00 am – 10 minute Break
  • Baselines & data collection
  • Where to “see” energy “muda”
  • Seeing energy on the “gemba”
Noon – Lunch until 12:45 pm
  • Process Mapping & Opportunities
2:00 pm – 10 minute Break
  • ROI, Funding, and Incentives
  • Plan – Do – Check – Act
  • Process Excellence & Energy
  • Quality & Energy
  • Sustainability drivers & Energy
4:00 pm – Wrap-Up and Adjorn

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Download a PDF of the above 1-Day Energy Training Agenda here.