Industrial Energy Efficiency

What is Industrial Energy Efficiency?

Using a new set of “eyes” to see this waste and how it multiplies savings as the effects move up the production chain.

The Value We Add To Your Company

We apply scientific methods to extract energy savings. Our protocols are validated by:
  • the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and
  • the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

We understand the importance of your value chain, metrics and forecasting, and craft solutions that integrate projects and show their impacts across multiple fronts.

Although we are Geeks – We speak your language – you don’t need to speak ours.

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  • Reduce risk exposure to fluctuating commodities markets (gas, oil, coal)
  • Increase reliability of the production floor and supporting machinery
  • Exceed Corporate Sustainability goals
  • Gain access to real-time metrics on the value added nature of energy
  • Avoid unexpected future operational costs when scoping capital projects.
  • Leverage efficiency as a cost / profit center.
Operations Directors:
  • Access real time production related energy consumption as early warning signal.
  • Integrate energy into Continuous Improvement efforts to double the benefits and penetration of both.
  • Explore the value of black-start running the production processes – minimizing downtime due to severe weather events.
Facility Managers:
  • Increase machine reliability through efficiency audits
  • Decrease base-load and peak load energy use to free-up capacity
  • Know if the legacy equipment is performing optimally
  • Justify PM programs through calculated energy savings
  • Monitor building and process energy use remotely as early warning system
  • Know what impacts new equipment will have on electric service and power quality

Why it’s hard to find a good Energy Service Provider…

  • Most consultants are technology specific sales reps for specific technology, (i.e. only compressed air, only injection molding machines, only lighting, only boilers.)
  • They tend to over-promise and under-deliver.
  • They are not available in an emergency.
  • They don’t have enough knowledge of manufacturer’s specific industry.
  • They are not up to date on new technology.
  • They are not impartial, so not useful to help with expected changes at the corporate level.

Why Choose Us?

Design with Nature, LLC provides energy management services for large to mid-size industrial clients, municipalities and institutions, as well as independent review of renewable energy projects, and integrates of energy conservation with LEAN manufacturing and Sustainability programs.

We have completed projects for over 370 companies, in 23 manufacturing categories, saving our clients $157 million per year in energy costs alone.

As an independent contractor, we remain unbiased and not tied to a specific vendor or technology, while remaining up-to-date on new entrants to the field of efficiency, and power generation. We feel this allows us to advise you impartially and best represent your interest.

We are responsive, local, and recognize the worth of hard-earned money re-invested for continuous improvement.

We deliver…

  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced hassle
  • Improve operations & quality without adding personnel or equipment.
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See if we know our stuff: Watch and share our free technical videos

What Can We Do For You?

Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies – an unbiased technical and financial analysis of the potential to use solar, wind, hydro or biomass to power all or part of your factory.

Technology Review – DwN feels it has a duty to clients to present the pro’s and con’s of new and established technologies. Whether for process improvement, energy efficiency and renewable energy we review hundreds of vendors, technologies, subcontractors, and have first hand experience with them. We often get post-install feedback, which is rarely heard by new, prospective buyers. And if requested, we can also manage the bidding, selection and over site of the vendors for our clients.

Energy Audits & deep Energy Retro-fits – we educate you on what energy is being used, when, whether you are paying too much, or being billed incorrectly, and work with you to reduce energy costs. We can manage your energy for you and the projects required to make significant changes in energy use.

Energy Training integrated with Business Process Excellence – Utilizing a combination of energy analysis and business process excellence tools we help you to fold energy management into the skill-set of your continuous improvement teams.

Carbon Emissions reporting – Using standardized, international protocols, we can handle all or part of this time-consuming reporting and help you set up mechanisms to make it pain-free.

Technology scouting – looking for the latest in machinery? We can review the energy consumption, compare it to your existing equipment, and tell you the financial benefits.

Feasibility of critical systems hardening – against catastrophic weather events – Want to operate your plant when your competitors are down? We will run computer simulation to tell you what you need and which alternative is most economical.

Energy Factoids:

Everyone thinks that the PURCHASE cost of a machine is the BIGGEST cost. It is not! 95% of the cost of your electric motors is in the energy it takes to run them.

There are 9 vital pieces of information that can be taken from your utility bills.

Strategic lubrication improves geared energy use 5-12% AND increases feeds & speeds.

4 out of 5 workplaces have bad lighting – costing 300 hours per employee in lost productivity.

Only 42% of the electricity gets to our door, and just 10% does any useful work.

Contact us for a free 10 minute telephone consult
See if we know our stuff: Watch and share our free technical videos