Green Building

Green buildings benefit all parties: developer, investors, occupants, and the environment.

Developer benefits:

  • Increase sale value
  • Marketing: free press and product differentiation
  • Easier permitting and streamlined approvals
  • Pro-active regulatory stance
  • Possible Federal, state & utility incentives for energy efficiency
  • Reduced liability risk
  • Satisfaction from doing the right thing

When: – before the idea even gets to the drawing board! At the very beginning of any new development (raw land or brown field) or the expansion of an existing building.

Building Owner benefits:

  • Increased lease rates
  • Improve occupancy rates
  • Better tenants retention
  • Lower operating / maintenance costs
  • Valuation premiums
  • Reduced capital expenses for replacement / repairs
  • Marketing product differentiation
  • Reduced liability risk
  • Healthier indoor environment
  • Possible federal, state & utility incentives for energy efficiency
  • Satisfaction from doing the right thing

When: Renovations, expansions, fit-out for new tenants, or relocation to a new building.


Per square foot, the mean cost for all types of green building (bare land, renovation or existing building) has shown to be only $1.22 – $2.00 per sq. ft. above typical construction built to code. (Source: Johnson Controls study, 2010)


The Return On Investment (ROI) averages 10-fold – an upfront investment of 2 percent in green building design results in lifecycle savings of 20 percent of the total construction costs.

Additionally, sale prices for energy efficient buildings are as much as 10 percent higher per square foot than conventional buildings.


A 2008 study conducted by the CoStar Group concluded that green buildings outperform non-green buildings in occupancy, rental rates, and sale price. Green buildings commanded rent premiums of $2.40 – $11.33 per sq.ft. HIGHER than conventional buildings and had 3.6 – 4.1% higher occupancy. For Class A office space the lease-up rates were as much as 20% higher than average.

Design with Nature, LLC specializes in accelerating the completion of green projects. Our experience helps you to fit the “green” into conventional construction steps and reduce delays.

Our knowledge of green certification systems, materials and technologies means YOU don’t need to hassle with the details – we handle it all.

We understand commercial real estate concepts – CAP rate, Fair Market Value, Cost / square foot, operating expense – facilitating clear communication on all sides.

We have “war stories” – having seen what could go wrong, we are alert for risks to the owner / developer, and know how to avoid issues that can cause delays.

We gets the most green points for each project by identifying techniques, materials and finishes that can do “double & triple” duty.

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Our goal is to the creation of designs that:

  • Address the project requirements
  • Integrate aesthetics with function
  • Start out and operate cost-effectively
  • Re-join the human/built environment with Nature

We analyze the interconnected issues of:

  • Site and building design
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Resource-efficient construction
  • Lighting and mechanical design
  • Carbon Footprint & building ecology


Initial Design Consults & LEED Feasibility/Point Tally

A comprehensive review of the Owner’s Project Requirements, the project’s viability for LEED certification, and how to attain the targeted LEED rating.

Computer Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is required to obtaining Energy Efficient Loans, LEED Certification and many power utility-based grant programs. We simulate the buildings’ energy use before it’s built to project annual savings, and show how design changes will increase or decrease them.

“Green” Specification Review Drafting or reviewing construction specs by an experienced eye to catch possible problem materials or offer best alternatives.

Green Certification Documentation & Submittal

We take the hassle out of getting certified. We handle the details for submitting certifications to all major granting organizations (Green Globes, USGBC, National Association of Home Builders, American Lung Association.)

Creative Solutions for Difficult Property and Building Situations We find solutions that both reduce ecological footprints AND increase energy and resource-use efficiency.

Risk Reduction

We make sure that redundant systems are in place to help protect the structure and its inhabitants in the face of disaster.

Our low overhead allows us to offer efficient, economical, and responsive service.

Our top-level people give personal attention on the details of your project.

As an independent contractor, we remain unbiased and not tied to a specific vendor or technology. We will advise you impartially and best represent your interest.

We recognize the worth of hard-earned money re-invested for continuous improvement.

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See if we know our stuff: Watch and share our free technical videos