Case Studies


Commercial Retail, LEED-Gold level certification.

Situation: First green building experience for this client. First LEED certified retail store in US pilot program. 24,000 square foot retail space in brand new shopping mall. Owner was flexible on budget, but not forth coming on how flexible. General Contractor and subs also had no previous green building experience.

Outcome: Successful team-building and awareness growing on what constitutes “green.” Open communication with Owner and facilitation of sourcing materials to decrease delays in construction. We achieved timely resolutions of un-anticipated challenges regarding non-LEED compliant adhesives, grouts and stains. Achieved LEED Gold level and clients asked us to complete 3 other store locations.

Lessons Learned: Double-Check everything. Client had strict interior decorating scheme planned. One of four wood stain finishes had a higher than allowable VOC level, but was already approved by site architect and in-use, before we could raise red-flag. Lost the Indoor Air Quality point due to drying of this stain and not being able to flush-out interior air prior to occupancy.

Client also desired windmill for on-site renewable energy generation. We provided feasibility study, but landlord of commercial mall would not allow it.