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Total Assessment

Total Cost Assessment for Environmental Engineers and Managers

A comprehensive textbook on conducting financial analysis of environmental projects with emphasis on pollution prevention as the highest profit making option. The text describes program development, tracking, calculation and analysis options for incorporating “hidden” or indirect costs typically left out of management decision making. Incorporated teaching exercises and case studies from 20 manufacturing facilities. 323 pages, John Wily & Sons, New York, 1998.

ISO 14001 and Total Cost Assessment: The Perfect Match?

Journal article providing in depth analysis of the integration of environmental accounting cost assessment and international quality standards for environmental management systems. Publicity from this journal article lead to a series of workshops in Milan, Italy on the same subject. Nine pages, Environmental Quality Management, John Wiley & Sons, New York, Summer 1999.

“Sustainable Manufacturing: Reviving America’s Industrial Base”

Journal article introducing a comprehensive environmental strategy that yields competitive advantage and environmental compliance. Incorporates environmental concerns into materials selection, product design, and after market use. 10 pages, Pollution Prevention Review, John Wiley & Sons, New York, Spring 1993.